Senter, CPA – Firm Update

Matthew Senter w/ Beard

As restrictions lift and business prepare to reopen doors, our team has taken time to reflect, discuss and coordinate plans for safely reopening our doors. In an effort to remain transparent and communicate developments within our firm, we found it necessary to share our approach to reopening with our valued clients and community. Our firm

Certified Public Accountant’s are Making a Real Difference Right Now

Business owners and other industry professionals are adapting and adjusting to the new normal, as states slowly begin to lift measures enacted to curve the spread of COVID-19. The CPA profession is not exempt from this adjustment, and as a result, have experienced an evolution during these uncertain times. CPA’s are now championing the fiscal

Set Yourself Up for Success: Tracking Business Expenses

I’d be willing to bet that most small business owners don’t wake everyday excited and ready to conquer their books.  Perhaps, if you’re like most entrepreneurs, balancing your business accounts is often ignored and becomes a sensitive subject, a stressor.  And yet, tracking business expenses is an imperative part of any well-run organization. It’s crucial

Spring Clean Your Finances in 8 Simple Steps

Spring is a time of new beginnings and fresh starts. While your finances don’t start over, they do change slightly year to year. If you’re looking for a productive project to stay busy while you self-quarantine, then get rid of financial clutter and enjoy the peace of mind a clutter-free existence brings. Eight Simple Ways

Embracing Change: Virtual Accounting Services

Collaboration with your accountant or other industry professional may seem like a daunting task. The COVID-19 pandemic changed most traditional practices of getting your taxes prepared, reconciling your balance sheet or preparing financial statements. Assembling a wide assortment of paperwork can make the stress even worse. All of the moving pieces can really stack up,

Senter, CPA: A Virtual Firm

Thinking about how to work with your accountant remotely? Senter, CPA was a virtual firm long before we needed to be due to the COVID-19 outbreak. From the beginning we’ve chosen high performance tools and technologies, which allow us to best service our clients. These upgraded tech platforms provide us the secure opportunity to connect

Together, Apart: Connectivity During Quarantine

Currently, more than 90% of Americans are observing stay-at-home orders due to the Coronavirus pandemic. In total, 43 states, along with Washington D.C., have issued shelter in place directives to limit the exposure and the spread of COVID-19. Non-essential businesses are closed, kids are home from school and we are banned from gathering in small

COVID-19 Relief: What You Should Do Next

We understand you have been impacted by the novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) and we are here to help. Information is changing daily and clear guidance won’t be available until late April or possibly later this summer, nevertheless, the time to act is NOW. Economic Impact Payment (stimulus checks) Eligibility: AGI $75,000 Individuals/$150,000 Married Couples with phaseouts

Working from Home: Ten Tips on Productivity

At one point or another in our careers, we’ve all found ourselves needing to work remote. For some it’s indefinite, others temporary. However, working from home can often times be a challenge when you’re accustomed to the accessibility of resources that an office setting can provide. It’s no surprise that being “at work” offers routine, higher productivity

Understanding the 2019 IRS Extension

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak and consistent with our expectations, the IRS released their notice on March 21 outlining the 90-day automatic extension for federal income tax filing and payments. This deferment applies to  individuals, trusts, corporations and non-corporations without interest or penalties, regardless of amount owed. What does this mean for the average taxpayer?